It is time to go mobile.

Is Your Website Giving Mobile Users What they Need? 

Today, 68% of American adults own a mobile device1 If your website is not optimized for those mobile users, you may be making it really easy for them to leave your website and move on to another one, more suited to mobile.

Everywhere we go people of all ages are thumbing through their portable, glowing screens – checking into locations, making reservations, comparing prices, doing their banking, reading reviews, and chatting with friends. People expect to do more and more online every day, and increasingly on the go on their devices. 

To some people, their mini computers have become, almost a part of them. They don't put them down and they expect their experience on the run to be fun and frustration free.  

The trouble is, not every website can live up to that kind of expectation. Many have not adapted to the mobile audience. Some websites are tough to browse on a little screen, others load slowly, and worse still are websites that use outdated and incompatible technology such as Flash, which Apple device users cant see at all.

In 2012 it was estimated that nearly half of the homes in America own Apple Products. 2  If your website uses Flash, none of those mobile apple users can see your content.

In 2015, google began to penalize websites that are not including mobile friendly code.3  This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile access, your site rankings on google could be impacted, and that is simply bad news if you are trying to compete online. Its hard enough to get good placement, without being deliberately pushed down the list. 

So how do you know if your site is mobile friendly?

If you dont know whether or not your website is optimized for mobile, pull out your iPhone or Android and pull it up. See what it looks like.

Is it easy to read? Is it easy to find links to click? Do you see mobile navigation? Can you easily see the contact information or the contact us button?  Are you comfortable scrolling through the content without feeling the urge to enlarge the screen or font size?

If so - hooray! Your website might already be working to give that mobile audience a great experience. You still might be able to do more, even though you are off to a great start.  You should make a call to your web developer to see what they may have done "behind the scenes" for mobile as well. 

On the other hand, if you need to squint, pinch, get frustrated trying to navigate or simply cant get things to work, you need to take a closer look, your website might not be doing enough for your mobile audience.

What can you do if your website isnt mobile friendly?

There are options available to you and they don't have to be overwhelming.

They can be as complex as creating a second stand alone mobile website or redesigning your website to accommodate mobile, to less complex options such as reworking your existing website to work within a mobile / responsive format. 

Whichever option you choose, you should move your website toward mobile. It is time. 

Ignoring the growing mobile audience can seriously impact your business, and the success of your marketing campaigns both on and offline. 


For more help with getting your mobile site ready give us a call, we are happy to take a look at your existing website and discuss your options with you for free!  603-548-3936

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